Kids Club


The Kids Club is a place for our children to learn about the ways that God asks us to love each other and to live with compassion for those around us.  Stories from the bible about Jesus and God are the beginning place for fun activities and conversations about living gently with the earth and with each other as we grow.

The program is intended for children 3-13 and takes place on Sunday morning in conjunction with our Sunday worship beginning at 10:20.  You and the children are invited to join us for the opening few minutes of our worship time when we will spend a few minutes talking with the children and beginning our worship.  The children then will move downstairs with one or two of our Kids Club team for an age appropriate look at a bible story and activities and fun together. If your children would be more comfortable having you come along with them you are welcome to join them downstairs or stay with us for the balance of the worship time.  The children will be finished their program at the end of our worship gathering – 11:30.

One or more of our leadership team  will be with the children to offer music, stories, crafts and activities that bring to life the stories of Jesus and the love of God in our world.  They are all experienced children’s leaders, each bringing their own special energy to the group.  We know your children will enjoy meeting each one of them.