Music at St. Paul’s, Warkworth

In October 2018 we were pleased to welcome Kathy and Steve Rapos as our new choir directors! Kathy and Steve bring with them a wealth of talent, and a gift for inspiring great music. They have been active members of the local music scene for many years, offering training in choral groups for young and old, as well as leading and singing in a variety of local bands and venues.

 Today, we have not only a choir made up of people from teens to the ‘young at heart’, but also a St. Paul’s Band, with keyboard, drums, and guitar. We have guest singers from time to time, participation from our Kids’ Club for special song presentations, and a lively and inclusive play list of songs. Every Sunday we include at least two hymns from the more traditional hymn book (“Voices United”) as well as an opportunity to learn some of the newer praise songs, and even some secular music which transitions to a message of God’s love.

 The choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 6 pm to 7, and all– from kids on up– are welcome to join! We gather about an hour before Sunday morning worship to go over our music and warm up. Everyone is welcome to come and help make a ‘joyful noise’ with us, and we would love for you to join us!

 You can contact Steve and Kathy at or