Music at St. Paul’s in Warkworth has been under the direction of Susan Clarke since October 2011. Our vibrant little group varies in size, averaging 8-10 people.

Our members share an interest in singing a variety of “joyful” music that inspires, encourages and
unites. We present an anthem every week and lead and guide hymn singing during Sunday morning service. The choir interprets both traditional and modern musical choices and has an interest in gospel, country and blue-grass music. We are eager to participate in musical presentations at St. Paulʼs and throughout the community.

We rehearse every Wednesday evening at 6 pm and arrive an hour prior to the Sunday morning service. We welcome new members who share our dedication and discipline.

What’s New

Susan and the choir continue to explore new music for the Sunday Service. This includes guest musicians from within the congregation and across the community

Everyone is welcome to help St Paul’s “make a joyful noise” If you have some music to offer either an instrument or voice come and join us and make a joyful noise.

Please contact Susan Clarke 705-696‐3495 or