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Like any denomination, The United Church of Canada’s congregations are diverse. There are small, large, rural, urban and suburban. Some with mainly older members, some with many young families. Some sing contemporary music while others stick to traditional hymns. Many claim to be welcoming of new people and many are. St Paul’s United Warkworth has publicly declared themselves Affirming – striving to be inclusive of All.

We have gone through a study process and created a Mission or Faith statement of how we will strive to be inclusive and have specifically made statements of how sexual orientation and gender identity are not barriers to full participation in our congregation.

The Affirm United Committee completed its mandate to bring St Paul’s to an informed vote regarding “Affirmation”. The vote held on May 5th 2012 resulted in 96% acceptance of “Affirming St Paul’s and its congregation”.

Ongoing Work

  • · Affirm and handicapped access logos on the church notice board
  • · Hosting Affirm United workshops
  • · Guest speakers
  • · A bookmark featuring our slogan S.A.F.E. / Social Justice Affirms Freedom for Everyone

Affirm Contacts

Jeanette Cournoyer Email Jeanette