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Welcome – St. Paul’s United Church has opened its doors since 1852 to those looking for open-minded exploration of spirituality and issues that matter to them.
Worship Service is at 10:20 on Sunday at St. Paul’s on Main Street.


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New Book Study

Book:      “Living Beautifully With Uncertainty And Change”

Author:  Pema Chodron– she is an elderly American woman who now lives in Nova Scotia; she is a Buddhist monk

When:     Tuesday nights @ 7:00 beginning Jan 26, 2021

Summary: “Best-selling author and spiritual teacher Pema Chödrön shares life-changing practices for living with wisdom, confidence, and integrity amidst confusing situations and uncertain times.

We live in difficult times. Life so often seems like a turbulent river threatening to drown us and destroy our world. Why, then, shouldn’t we cling to the certainty of the comfortable—to our deep-seated habits and familiar ways? Because, Pema Chödrön teaches, that kind of fear-based clinging keeps us from the infinitely more powerful experience of being fully alive. The teachings she presents here—known as the “Three Commitments”—provide a treasure trove of wisdom for learning to step right into the unknown, to completely and fearlessly embrace the groundlessness of being human. When we do, we begin to see not only how much better it feels to live an openhearted life, but we find that we begin to naturally and more effectively reach out to help and heal all those around us.”

To Order Book: Available through Chapters or through Amazon or through their local independent bookseller.

Cost:       Amazon – 22.72

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If you are interested in joining this study group, please indicate your interest to Rev. Meggin at




December 24, 2020 Christmas Eve Service



December 27, 2020 Sunday Service at St. Paul’s​.


St. Paul’s is a welcoming, inspiring spiritual fitness centre, open to all regardless of age, race, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, social or economic circumstance.


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