5 Minutes of Faith

This is the radio message that is broadcast on CKOL 93.7 FM from Campbellford each Sunday morning at 10:00 am

An affirming church serving the community

Welcome – St. Paul’s United Church has opened its doors for over 165 years to those looking for open-minded exploration of spirituality and issues that matter to them.  Worship Service is at 10:20 on Sunday at St. Paul’s on Main Street.


The Kids Club has begun!

The Kids Club represented St. Paul’s at the Remembrance Day Service and placed a wreath





If you missed the Sunday broadcast you can listen to it by going to the “5 Minutes of Faith” page.

An Introduction to Lenten Practices and Called to Be the Church

Our congregation has chosen the five weeks of Lent this year to be part of the growing number of United Church congregations across Canada using Called to Be the Church. The service Sunday, March 10 and for the next four Sundays were prepared by our Moderator, the Rt. Rev. Richard Bott. The reflection for each Sunday was written by the Rev. Dave Jagger. Week 1 is entitled, “How to Say No!”

Called to Be the Church is so much more than the United Church’s congregational giving program. Using Called to Be the Church is a clear indication that your congregation cares about you. We want you to grow in faith and be closer to God and we’re not willing to leave that to chance.

We know that growing in the Way of Jesus takes intentionality. It’s not a spectator sport. You have to do it. So, over the coming weeks of Lent, we will inspire each other; we will invite each other deeper into faith; and we will give thanks for all God is doing in us and through us, as each week we explore a different Lenten practice.

So what is a Lenten practice? A Lenten practice is anything we do, during Lent, that opens us up and brings us closer into God’s presence. A Lenten practice is like going to the gym for your faith. It may be awkward at first and difficult, but afterwards you feel good; and after doing it for a while, you notice changes and strengths, and it becomes so much a part of your routine that you can’t imagine life without it. Some common and traditional Lenten practices include prayer, fasting, generosity, confession, Bible study, hospitality, working for justice, and meditation.

The Lenten discipleship practices that we will explore are each tied to the Christian values of generosity, thankfulness, and stewardship. Each week, not only will we learn about a specific Lenten practice, but you will be given ideas about different ways that you can actually do it. Try it; play with it; see how it opens you up to God. By taking this opportunity and trying each practice, you will be making space in your life to actively live out the Way of Jesus. We think that’s really exciting, and it’s great that we’re on this Lenten journey together!


It is our mission to find and follow Jesus active in creation, through identifying and serving the needs of the community, the world and the congregation.


St Paul’s vision is of a world where God’s love is lived in all creation.


include and affirm every person

include and affirm every person no matter what their age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, financial resources, physical or mental ability.


worship with joy
worship with joy to deepen our relationship with God and Jesus and learn more about them.
build our connections with others
build our connections with others at St Paul’s, and respond to God’s invitation to love and support them.
seek partnerships beyond St Paul’s
seek partnerships beyond St Paul’s to ally ourselves and our congregation with God’s love active in Warkworth and beyond.
act responsibly in sharing and utilizing our resources
act responsibly in sharing and utilizing our physical resources, our talents and energy to strengthen God’s work.