An affirming church serving the community

Welcome – St. Paul’s United Church has opened its doors since 1852 to those looking for open-minded exploration of spirituality and issues that matter to them.
Worship Service is at 10:20 on Sunday at St. Paul’s on Main Street.

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Sunday Service at St. Paul’s and on Facebook

10:30 am start

St. Paul’s is open for In-Person services.

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Not Just Java


1:30 pm

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St. Paul’s is a welcoming, inspiring, spiritual fitness centre, open to all, celebrating age, race, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity, while being mindful and respectful of all social and economic circumstances.


St. Paul’s vision is to continue to be a growing and leading community experience for everyone. 



We believe love has no boundaries


We serve others by sharing our love, hope, skills and resources where help and social justice are needed locally and globally 


 We continuously adapt and move forward to improve our community, strengthen our faith, and deepen our understanding and acceptance of life’s biggest questions


VIBRANCY – Dynamic and full of energy, we embrace new ideas and don’t take ourselves too seriously

 Gratitude grounds us – and compels us to be kind and generous