An affirming church serving the community

Welcome – St Paul’s United Church has opened its doors for 165 years to those looking for open-minded exploration of spirituality and issues that matter to them.  Worship Service is at 10:20 on Sunday at St. Paul’s on Main Street.


The Kids Club has begun!


Thanksgiving Sunday – October 8

Rev. Anja is inviting people to say what they appreciate about the church during the service. Whether it is a stained glass window, or a person, or an “aha” faith moment. Not everyone likes to talk in public so you can write it down and give it to Anja and she will tell your story.


St Paul’s Anniversary- October 15, 2017Image result for church anniversary

“Rev Michael Blair will be the guest speaker at St Paul’s UC, Warkworth on October 15, 10:20 am as we continue to celebrate 165 years of service and worship at St. Paul’s.

Rev Blair serves the General Council as Executive Minister of the Church in Mission Unit. This unit works with local congregations, global partners in mission, justice and intercultural ministries, congregational renewal ministry through EDGE and education for developing faithful leadership.

Rev Blair will bring a fresh and engaging look at being church in our place and in this time.

The Search Committee

The Search Committee, mandated to find our next full time minister, has been formed and started its work September 7. Thanks to the volunteers from St. Paul’s: Jeanette Cournoyer, Kevin Huestis, Micaela Quibell, Barb Trotter, Kim Allen MacLean, David Lyon and Elizabeth Heon. And to the Joint Needs Assessment Committee, upon which this Search committee will base its work; from St. Paul’s – Elaine Mann, Noreen Luke and David Lyon.

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Vibrant Faith Community Seeks Full-Time Minister

St. Paul’s United Church, a single-point charge in Warkworth, is seeking a full-time minister to continue guiding us on our spiritual journey.

Like the village itself, St. Paul’s church is a vibrant and active centre of community activities.

Over the past year our ministry has seen the addition of new families, including ones with young children, and we are looking forward to growing and solidifying this segment of our worship community.

We also celebrate being an Affirming Ministry as part of Warkworth’s diverse community.

Our new minister will be warm, personable, outgoing and be prepared to engage in the life of the congregation and wider community.

Warkworth is a dynamic community in the breathtakingly beautiful Northumberland Hills where recreational possibilities abound.

Our community harmoniously marries the traditional, humble grace of rural life with an emerging urban culture of migrating families and retirees from the city.

To consult our JNAC report, please follow the link on this page.
For more information on St. Paul’s please explore this page or visit our Facebook page.
We also invite you to visit Warkworth’s website and Facebook page.

If you wish to be considered as a candidate for this position, please submit your resume and your Skills, Gifts & Passions Profile document to the Bay of Quinte Conference office (

We will be accepting resumes until November 15, 2017.

We look forward to hearing from you if you’re as excited about the new possibilities at St. Paul’s as we are.


It is our mission to find and follow Jesus active in creation, through identifying and serving the needs of the community, the world and the congregation.


St Paul’s vision is of a world where God’s love is lived in all creation.


include and affirm every person

include and affirm every person no matter what their age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, financial resources, physical or mental ability.


worship with joy
worship with joy to deepen our relationship with God and Jesus and learn more about them.
build our connections with others
build our connections with others at St Paul’s, and respond to God’s invitation to love and support them.
seek partnerships beyond St Paul’s
seek partnerships beyond St Paul’s to ally ourselves and our congregation with God’s love active in Warkworth and beyond.
act responsibly in sharing and utilizing our resources
act responsibly in sharing and utilizing our physical resources, our talents and energy to strengthen God’s work.