An affirming church serving the community

St. Paul`s  United Church Committees- 2023


Abundance Project Steering Committee – Bryce Allen, Karen Huestis, Sue Hugginson, Don Real

Affirm United Committee –  Dennis Gebhardt, Tom Harris, Paul Portelli,  Derrick Wendell,

Benevolent Fund – Susie Stowell, Chair, Sharron Hutchinson, Ruth Nelson,

Cards for Cash  – 

East Central Ontario Regional Council Representative –  

Events Coordination Committee – Ruth Widdowson

Media – Don Real, Ruth Widdowson

Ministry and Personnel Committee – Aaron Eddie, Chair, Winona Darling Duthie

Music Committee – Kate Rapos, Stephen Rapos

Official Board – Kate Rapos,Chair, Bryce Allen, Johanna Allen, Aaron Eddie, Janice Laver, Ruth Nelson, Susie Stowell, Tammy Timlin

Session –  Janice Allen, Margie Gemmell, Ruth Nelson, Susie Stowell, Tammy Timlin

Stewards/Trustees – Co-Chairs Bryce Allen & Bob Rowe, Dean Peters, Greg Torrance, Bill Stableford.

Technology & St. Paul`s and on the World Wide Web – Don Real

United Church Women –  Janice Laver, President