History Timeline

Year Minister Historical Event
1824   Percy Township were visited by Circuit Rider, Rev. Anson Green
1852 Rev. George Carr · congregation established and began worshiping as a Methodist Episcopal Church
1854   · 15 January – new Wesleyan Church at Percy Mills opened for Divine Service
1855 Rev. V. B. Howard  
1858 Rev. Edward Ward  
1860 Rev. J. E. Richardson  
1861 Rev. W. L. Scott  
1863 Rev. D. A. Johnston  
1865   · St. Andrews Presbyterian Church opened
1866 Rev. S. Might  
1867   · Canadian Confederation
1869   · Warkworth Methodist Church built by William Smedley—26 Dec 1869 dedicated.
1870 Rev. John Todd · Norham Church opened
1870 Rev. A. Browning  
1871   church shed was built for horses
1873 Rev. E. S. Rupert · spire weighing 600 lbs. added at a cost of $400
1874   basement was excavated for two classrooms
1876 Rev. Edward Cragg · the big fire of 1876 destroyed all the buildings on the east side of Main street from the Bee Hive (LCBO) to the Methodist Church (now St. Paul’s United)
1879 Rev. A. Doxsee  
1882 Rev. Wm. Buchanan · A church organ was purchased; the salary of the organist was $25
1884   · Dartford Church opened. St Paul’s basement excavated
1885 Rev. Wm. Burns  
1888 Rev. C. L. Thompson  
1889   · Woman’s Missionary Society of St. Paul’s Church was organized in the Methodist Church
1891 Rev. J. C. Wilson · Meyersburg Church opened · Oak Heights Church opened
1894 Rev. Jas. McFarlane · manse purchased
1896   · Free Methodist Church built
1898 Rev. J. W. Totten  
1901 Rev. Samuel McCauley · church insured for $3000
1902   · St. Jerome’s Catholic Church built
1904 Rev. C. W. Barrett  
1905 Rev. Wm. Johnston  
1909 Rev. W. D. Harrison  
1910   · steeple and church gallery removed · Morganston Church built
1911 Rev. J. G. Lewis  
1913 Rev. F. H. Howard  
1915   · new shed was erected
1917 Rev. J. R. Butler · new hymn books adopted
1921 Rev. S. A. Kemp  
1924   · electric lights arrived
1925 Rev. W. W. Jones · Church Union
1928 Rev. F. H. Howard  
1929   The United Church Publishing House issued a periodical called The Bible Class Magazine. A picture the Young People’s Class (1929) of the Sunday School was on the December, 1933 cover.
1930 Rev. Edwin Smith “· Rev. Dr. Edwin Smith delivered an illustrated lecture on “The Heritage of the United Church of Canada” – Lulu E (Mitchell) Knight became the organist at St. Paul’s
1933 Rev. J. R. R. Cooper Bowmanville – Rev. Dr. Edwin Smith, of Warkworth, parked his car in front of the church on Tuesday afternoon and after the service returned to find it stolen.
1938   St. Paul’s, Warkworth, was treated to a new roof. The old covering had served the building since It was erected, sixty-nine years ago.
1941   · Union of Warkworth and Meyersburg Churches
1942   · 25 March Union of Warkworth and Norham Churches
1944 Rev. Harold Lester Rev. Harold G. Lester was transferred to Warkworth from Seagrave.
1952 Rev. Archie L. Sisco Centennial of Warkworth United Church
1958 Rev. H. H. Lackey  
1959   · Union of Warkworth and Oak Heights Churches
1962   · More Than 100 Attend First UCW Meeting
1963   paid membership in the UCW was 133
1964   · church shed removed and Christian Education Room added · dedicated June 7, 1964 by Rev. H. H. Lackey
1967   · Canada’s Centennial
1968   · August – A.O.T.S. Men’s Club Conduct Service
1969   · Union of Warkworth and Dartford Churches
1973 Rev. George Lavery · Sunday Evening, March – Festival of Joy held in St. Paul’s United Church
1974   · May 6,1974 Scarboro Choir, led by Garth Allen, performed in Ecumenical Church Service to celebrate Ontario’s Bicentennial
1975   UCW holds Spring Spree fashion show
1976   · November 10 – Dr. Wilbur Howard, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, spoke at St. Paul’s United.
1976   · Trustees received the consent to sell two building lots in Norham to Mr. Arthur Wartman
1977   · Sunday, October 16 – St. Paul’s United Church celebrates 125th anniversary
1978 Rev. Lee Haughton  
1984 Rev. Ralph Ingleby  
1991 Rev. Dr. Bill Stephenson  
1995   · Union of Warkworth and Morganston Churches Moving the Morganston Pews to St. Paul`s
1997 Rev. Austin Snyder (Interim Minister)  
1997 Rev. Douglas Moore  
2000 Rev. Lloyd Paul ·  75th Anniversary of United Church
2002   · St. Paul’s celebrates its 150th anniversary
2007 Rev. Ross Bruleigh -supply  
2007 Rev. Dr. Heather Froats  
2010   · “The Reinvention of St. Paul’s” · new metal roof on the church · stage area removed and renovated · October 2010 – solar panels on the roof
2011   · Ecumenical Good Friday Service at St. Paul’s
2012 Reverend Susan Fleming (supply) · Christian Education Room became “The Gathering Place” May 6 – St. Paul’s became an Affirming Church
2013 Rev. Allan Rush (supply) · Jan. 27, 2013 – St. Paul’s received a certificate acknowledging it is now an “affirming ministry”
2014 Rev. Richard (Dick) Prince · March 1 – Wine Service approved for Gathering Place the Abundance Project is initiated
2015   · church manse sold for $175,000. Some used for repairs and renovations and also to pay off loan incurred with the installation of the solar panels
2016   · Kid’s Club attracts several young families · Community Care Northumberland opened an office at St. Paul’s
2017   June 16  Mill Creek Service in the Park
2017 Rev. Dick Prince Retires July 30, 2017 Rev. Dick Prince Retired – see photo record under Life at St. Paul’s
– 2017   · Canada’s 150th Anniversary · October 15, St. Paul’s 165th Anniversary Service
2017 Rev. Anja Guignion (interim supply)  
2018 Rev. Meggin King