The cast of the Good Friday play

Our Good Friday service was unique and very meaningful thanks to all who participated. Rev. David Cooper did the service in the Sanctuary. Rev. David Atton played Jesus throughout the scenes except the crucifixion. Scott Henderson did an amazing job of the cross scene. Carl Weiderick was wonderful  in his many different roles. Our ‘disciples’ were Jane Osmond, Janice Allen, Ruth  Burnham, Jim Widdowson, Mary Villanyi, Elaine Mann, Cathy McCrea, Susie Stowell,  Deanna Cudmore, Brian Wood, and Ian Wood. I had the priviledge to play Mary. Many thanks to all those who lent us plants, baskets, material etc. and helped set up. A special thanks to Stone House Gardens for loaning us so many wonderful props. Also we are very grateful  to those who shared their creative talents; Ken and Bobbi  Robinson who quilted a beautiful “holy spirit’, and Ruth Allanson for the wonderful backdrop in the wilderness scene.

So many people to thank, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

Thanks be to God who created us in all our diversity. May we continue to share all our varied gifts in ways that offer Holy love into our midst.