This is Saturday.  This is the day I re-do my sermon and invent a children’s time for Sunday service.  There’s phone calls to make and correspondence to catch up on.  Of course there’s cleaning to do and laundry waiting.  Saturday is always a mish-mash of things.  It reminds me of our our junk drawer in the kitchen, Saturday holds all the ‘I’ll tend to it later‘ stuff.

Being a responsible adult can be a drag.  (Do they still say that??)

Today I’ll get my sermon re-done, and think about children’s time.  The rest will happen as it should.  But I do promise myself one thing…I promise to make time for the wonder of this day.  The smell of freshly cut grass, the gift of spring flowers and the playfulness of my puppies.  Yes, that’s how God would want me to spend my Saturday.

May your busy day be seasoned with the joys of God’s creation.