An affirming church serving the community

St. Paul’s United Church

Official Board Meeting

April 14, 2019

Minutes of January 13, 2019

Committee Reports:  Each Committee Report is a linked to this page.  Click on the blue link to access it.  Use your browser’s back button to return to this page.  Committees in black have no report.

            Abundance- Dave Lyon

            Affirm- Jeanette Cournoyer

            Cards for Cash- Jeanette Cournoyer

            Clergy- Rev Meggin

            Kids Club- Johanna Allen

            Marketing, Communications, Social Media- Don Real

            Ministry and Personnel- Elizabeth Heon

           Music Ministry- Kathy and Stephen Rapos

           Session- Juliet Sturney and Elaine Mann

           Stewards/Trustees Financial Report- Bob Rowe/ Bryce Allen

            Strategic Planning Committee- Bryce Allen, Jeanette Cournoyer, Co-Chairs

            UCW- Barb Trotter

Next meeting – August 11, 2019