St. Paul's building will be closed during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  Sunday Worship Service is being offered online via Zoom.  See links below

An affirming church serving the community

St. Paul’s United Church

Official Board Meeting

April 14, 2019

Minutes of January 13, 2019

Committee Reports:  Each Committee Report is a linked to this page.  Click on the blue link to access it.  Use your browser’s back button to return to this page.  Committees in black have no report.

            Abundance- Dave Lyon

            Affirm- Jeanette Cournoyer

            Cards for Cash- Jeanette Cournoyer

            Clergy- Rev Meggin

            Kids Club- Johanna Allen

            Marketing, Communications, Social Media- Don Real

            Ministry and Personnel- Elizabeth Heon

           Music Ministry- Kathy and Stephen Rapos

           Session- Juliet Sturney and Elaine Mann

           Stewards/Trustees Financial Report- Bob Rowe/ Bryce Allen

            Strategic Planning Committee- Bryce Allen, Jeanette Cournoyer, Co-Chairs

            UCW- Barb Trotter

Next meeting – August 11, 2019