During Advent season each week has a theme.  The first Sunday is Hope, the second, Peace and the third Joy. 

This Sunday we celebrate the joy that comes with the gift of our Savior.  Each Christmas we get caught up in a whirl wind of  gift buying and preparing for guests.  We are focused on decorating and visiting and getting things done.  This is a busy, busy season for sure.  I wonder, in the midst of all our ‘doing’,  what are we feeling?

Of course you’re feeling rushed…maybe even a little panicked.  And I know we feel the stress of time restraints and financial worries.  It is very likely that many of us begin to feel a little overwhelmed.  Some may even give up on all that decorating, gift buying and guest pleasing.   I’ve heard many say that it’s all about the children enjoying the season.  That makes it all worth while.  That’s why we put up the tree and battle through the crowded stores.  Makes sense.

BUT…where is the joy?

Where, oh where, is the joy. 

It’s not in that crowded store.  Not even in that beautiful tree. 

Funny how we seek joy from things outside of ourselves.  When, all along, it has been inside each of us.  Created in the soul that enlivens our being.  And on this Christmas day, that soul stirs.  Rejoices.  Anticipates. 

Christmas morning we celebrate the birth of the one who is our souls’ connection to God the Creator.

Joy is in the soul.  If we could peel away the stress and the shopping and the decorating.  If we could look deep into the spirit of who we are.  There we would find joy.

And this is the kind of wonderful holy joy that, if allowed, will  eminate outward.  If released, this blessed feeling will become contagious.

Christmas is not about shopping or decorating or baking.  It is not even about the kids smile on Christmas morning.  It is about a much deeper joy than you get from opening a gift.  This joy will last and grow and carry you through anything and everything.  It is God’s blessing and it is within you to give.

For those who are hard to buy for…give them joy.

Give yourself  the gift of joy.

As we continue to walk toward that wonderful Chrsistmas morn…may the blessing of God’s hope, peace and joy fill your heart.