Well, Christmas is over and the New Year has begun.   How quickly it passes, but how wonderful it was!  Like most people, I spent time with family.  We gathered together in a nice warm house and watched as the grandchildren ripped open presents and bounced with joy.

When I was young, I used to ask my Grandma what she would like for Christmas.  And she would say something like; “I’ll have all I’d ever want at Christmas”.  Now I understand.

The presents and the feast and the decorations and music and the tree….it’s all wonderful.  But it was the family being together that gave me ‘all I’d ever want at Christmas’.

I will never forget little 2 year old Isaac as he ripped open his carpenter set, sliped the bright yellow safety glasses across his cheeks and plunked the big plastic hard hat on his head.  He just squealed with joy as he ran from one to another fixing everything and everyone with the little noisy drill.  We laughed till the tears flowed!

We were delighted by the innocence and sweet joy of  our little one.  I could feel my heart strings sing.

Love.  That’s what it is you know.  The gift of a great, deep love.  I am so blessed to share this with family.  It makes me more aware of the gift given to us on that first Christmas morning, when God gave us Jesus.  I can just picture Mary gently smiling as her heart swelled with love.

As we enter into this New Year of 2012, let’s make a resolution.  Not to quit smoking or over eating or whatever.  But to begin something.  Let’s begin to live our life with a heart full of love.  What a difference we could make if we faced each moment and every decision through the lens of love.

May 2012 be warmed with ‘all you’d ever want at Christmas’  all year long.