The Covid-19 outbreak has not only changed how we operate as a Church, but how we pay for things.  For this reason, we have partnered with FundScrip to bring you “Cards for Cash.”  FundScrip is a fundraising program which allows you to purchase gift cards for your everyday shopping. (i.e. groceries, gas, gifts and household items.)  When you purchase a gift card, you will receive the full value of the card purchased, and a percentage of the value purchased, is donated to St. Paul’s.  This helps us to cover the costs of operating our church and maintaining our facilities.

FundScrip has provided an online program, with direct shipping.

  • You may order/pay for your gift cards online and have them shipped to your home address via Canada Post- cost is $0.95 plus taxes and will be added to the total of the order at checkout time. FundScrip is currently offering free shipping on all Letter mail orders between $200 and $500.

  • There is a 4 card limit in each order and a $500 maximum value for the cards, but there is no schedule, so you can order multiple times in a day/week if you like.

  • FundScrip also offers some E gift and some re-loadable cards with the online program.

To order online, please go to and click on “Support Your Group.”

Enter Invitation Code:  EXRUCY

Shop Local

This is onhold until new volunteers can be found to look after the program

Sharpe’s is not part of the FundScrip program.  But thanks to the ongoing support of Sharpe’s, Campbellford, we are able to order gift cards in any denomination for your grocery shopping needs.  Please contact the St. Paul’s ( to order.

For those with no online access, or those who do not want to order $200 to get free mailing, St. Paul’s will place a group order with FundScrip.  An Order Form is attached for your use in completing your order; 

*Orders will be placed on the 1st and 15th of the month by the office.  We will arrange to have them sent to you directly (during this time) or they can be picked up at the office.  Payment for the cards may be submitted by etransfer, cheque or cash.

We thank you for supporting St. Paul’s, Warkworth!


For more information on the program, or to order cards, please contact Sue Hugginson at 705-924-2840 or

Mail to:

St. Paul’s United Church

Box 88

60 Main Street, Warkworth

Ontario K0K 3K0


Etansfers to:

 St. Paul’s is set up to receive etransfers so no security code is necessary



If you use a credit card your donation is reduced 1.99%. A $4.00 donation becomes $0.04

Payment can also be made by:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – No Fee
  • Online Bill Payment No Fee 


Click here to see an order form that can be downloaded.