Cards For Cash

St. Paul’s Cards for Cash

Increase your financial contribution to St. Paul’s without any cost to you!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

The Avgen Company Gift Card Program offers gift cards from a large number of major retailers. Our families buy the gift cards from St. Paul’s at face value – a $25 card costs you $25 and you spend the entire $25 value of the card. St. Paul’s keeps a small portion of the $25 you paid to purchase the card.
  • You buy a $100 Canadian Tire card here at St. Paul’s for $100.
  • You buy $100 worth of goods at Canadian Tire with the card
  • St. Paul’s receives $3.50 (3.5%) as part of the discount that Avgen passes on to us
Everyone Wins
  • You only buy cards for retailers where you normally shop and St. Paul’s receives a percentage of each card you purchase.
  • This can really add up if you use the cards for groceries, gasoline, building/cleaning supplies, clothing, dining out or just about anything you can think of!
  • Buy them to give as a gift for any occasion:
o birthdays
o Christmas
o thank yous
o graduations
o draw prizes

How do I order?

The next order will be placed on February 5, 2018.  Jeanette has a number of cards on hand so please speak with her if you need cards before the next order.


Jeanette Cournoyer, 705-559-0132 or for more information or order forms.

Click here to see an order form that can be downloaded.