August is coming to a close!  How fast the summer is going!   Have you all enjoyed the heat?  Yes I know,  at times it was too hot…but winter is coming and then it’ll be too cold.  We are a hard bunch to please sometimes aren’t we.

I remember as a parent trying to find something that we could do as a family that all three children would enjoy. Michael wanted to go to soccer, Becky wanted to swim and Penny just wanted a good book.  Who to please?   It’s not easy for sure.  I suppose that’s how God must feel at times.  One person praying for sunshine and another longing for rain.  One hoping their day would soon end the next praying that it would go on forever.

I guess it really depends on our attitude.  While God provides many gifts, it is our privilege to interpret them.  As each new day comes with it’s own set of gifts, we can choose to find the good and rejoice or look for the negative.

Each night I write in my gratitude journal.

Tonight  I will be thanking God for Jack Layton’s message…”My friends, love is better than anger. hope is better than fear. optimism is better than despair. so let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. and we’ll change the world.”

Yes, let us not waste our precious time rumenating on the negative because the negative does not promote life.  Instead, let us interpret each day in an optimistic light, and offer hope and love to those we meet.

And yes Jack, we can change the world.

May God bless the spirit of Jack Layton while holding his loved ones gently in Holy hands.