Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

Wow…we sure can fill a week can’t we!  I never thought I’d see the day when I had to say to someone; “wait till I check my calendar”  before making plans.

But here I am… so dependent on my iphone that I’d be lost without it.  My father would just be horrified!  I can hear him say;  ‘How can you get too busy for family time?’.

I have to think about that.  It’s one thing to say to a friend or co-worker; “wait till I check my calendar”.  But when you find yourself saying that to your loved ones…

On one hand, life is full of  to-do lists and we have to be responsible and get these things done.  On the other hand, what can be more important than family and relationships?

It’s about prioritizing, isn’t it.  Nurturing connections has to be number one.  While we’re busy and life just keeps ticking away, we really don’t realize what is most important to us.  Everything can seem so critical.  But just think about those who have gone through disaster and are forced to consider what really counts in their life.    When the tornado tore apart homes and churches and lives in southern Ontario this summer,  it brought things into sharp focus.   What did people worry most about?  Their family.

We can replace everything else, but our loved ones are irreplacealbe.

I’d say that puts them on the top of the priority list.  Wouldn’t you?

Today, I will phone my children before I finish the sermon.

Because loving someone is more important that doing something.

My prayer for you is for  many precious moments shared with someone you love.